Maritsa D'Almeida
Counselling Psychologist

What to expect

The process begins with an intake interview with the individual or in the case of a child, with their primary caregiver. This interview gives me the opportunity to understand the current situation and the circumstances around the case. I will ask questions about family and relationships, medical and psychiatric history, general coping styles and difficulties faced.

The assessment and therapy process requires you to be as open and honest as possible. Personal details are part of the process towards understanding you and not an opportunity to pass judgement. Therapy is the one place where a person can completely let go and open up. As a Counselling Psychologist, I am not here to tell you what to do but I will listen and work with you to make sense of your problems and guide you through the process.

Therapy relies not only on my expertise but also in building a working relationship with you. A working relationship between therapist and client is very important as intimate feelings are revealed during therapy. You as an individual need to feel that you can trust your therapist to hold those feelings and to treat them with respect.

I will endeavour to help you in your efforts to gain a healthier understanding of yourself. I will give you my utmost attention, support, honesty and respect. My intention is to help you achieve your personal goals. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable and understood.

I believe that there are reasons behind all behaviour and understanding these can lead to important insights and personal growth. Please feel free to ask questions and discuss any aspect of therapy that you are not sure of. Please correct me if you feel that I am not understanding you. This is truly a collaborative effort and your input is essential.

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